General Industrial Paints

On Vehicle Equipment
Construction Equipment
utomotive Supply Industry

Protective Paints

Structure Steel
Techonogical Structures


White Goods
Small House Appliances

Technical Service

KANAT PAINT & COATINGS supports customers, especially through technical service and trainings in order to meet demands on a wide range of scale such as curing, paint quality level, surface appearance, environmental impacts and cost related to paint application areas.

R&D Center

Besides, KANAT embraces the strategic goal of designing a product portfolio and becoming a leading manufacturer in the sector so that all requirements of customers in its sector can be fulfilled.

Health – Safety – Environment

The priorities of KANAT are “RESPECT LIFE”, “PEOPLE ABOVE ALL” and “SAFETY FIRST”, as required for its line of business.

Training Service

KANAT PAINT & COATINGS regularly organizes training programs at its premises and / or customers’ premises in order to share new technological developments and refresh information.

Quality Management

KANAT’ management acknowledges that quality is the key to achieve its goals and, in line with this acknowledgement, the company adopted the Quality Management System which aims at exceeding customer expectations, supporting team work, revising and improving all processes and the company’s system has IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 standards.

Building a Career at KANAT

Job applications made to KANAT online, through recruitment websites, e-mails or through an in-house reference are added to our database. In case of vacancies, eligible candidates are called for an interview to initiate the process.

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