Technical Service

Each paint shop or paint application line is unique. Type of surfaces to be painted, painting technique to be used and selection of painting equipment used are the primary data required to offer customized product and services to the customers by accurately analyzing the quality level and production goals to be achieved. KANAT PAINT & COATINGS supports customers, especially through technical service and trainings in order to meet demands on a wide range of scale such as curing, paint quality level, surface appearance, environmental impacts and cost related to paint application areas.

The primary services offered by Professional Technical Service team of KANAT PAINT & COATINGS are as follows:

  • Suggesting and selecting the optimum painting system
  • Optimizing cost and quality aspects of application systems
  • Supervising paint lines and suggesting improvements
  • Paint line trials
  • Determining and fixing paint related problems
  • Making suggestions related to processes and hardware used for paint application
  • Measuring furnace temperature regimes
  • Supporting on compliance to environmental regulations
  • "In accordance with the concept of "providing top-notch service and complying with environmental requirements," we are consistent, authentic, and reliable. "