R&D Center

KANAT’s vision is to be reliable and popular brand of sector as we as being part of global market through direct and indirect exportation activities, and reaching out to innovative and informed customers with happy and participating personnel. R&D Center, registered in October 2015 by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, has huge responsibilities in the process of fulfilling duties assumed by KANAT. KANAT R&D Center works in close cooperation with customers and suppliers.

KANAT keeps up with customer demands and sector specific technological developments and structures the R&D Center accordingly. In 2014, the R&D Center’s budget was 3.2% of the turnover and, today, KANAT continues to make investments in developing environment friendly products with high added value so that different demands of diverse customer segments can be met according to the technological advancements in the sector. Here, the primary goal is to prevent using imported resources and to contribute to the national economy. Besides, KANAT embraces the strategic goal of designing a product portfolio and becoming a leading manufacturer in the sector so that all requirements of customers in its sector can be fulfilled. KANAT R&D Center aims to lead these sectors through its strategies and operations. The studies conducted in line with this goal can be summarized as follows:

  • Protecting and improving competitive edge of KANAT
  • Developing sector specific R&D approaches thanks to expert teams employed at the R&D Center for sectors of operation,
  • Keeping up with global performance tests that will support R&D Center activities and making investments to assure that useful ones can be conducted in house,
  • Conducting R&D studies to improve efficiency of production units and thus reducing product costs,
  • Cooperating with national and international universities and research institutions that work on paint technology,
  • Being present with its expert personnel on scientific and professional platforms organizing national and international events and technology platforms of the European Union.