Information Security Management

Kanat Boya Information Security Policy aims to minimize information security risks that may affect all parties including our employees, visitors, customers, suppliers, contractors who may be affected by our activities. We ensure and maintain information security in all of our processes and working conditions.

Kanat Boya Management is responsible for the effective implementation of the Information Security Management Policy. To achieve this goal:

  • To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information for employees, customers, suppliers, and all third parties ,
  • To establish the necessary infrastructure to ensure accessibility and continuity of business processes,
  • To ensure the protection of information according to its value,
  • To assign access rights and prevent unauthorized access in order to control access to information,
  • To protect information assets against malicious software, codes, and cyber attacks that can be carried out against Kanat Boya from both internal and external sources in cyberspace,
  • To develop an intervention process against information security breach incidents and ensure timely intervention,
  • To provide information security awareness training to all employees in the organization and, where relevant, to all parties, to increase information security awareness,
  • To comply with applicable terms arising from all relevant legal regulations and contracts,
  • To ensure that all relevant parties comply with Kanat Boya Information Security policies,
  • To continuously improve the Information Security Management System

Our main management priority.