KANAT Celebrated its 30. Anniversary

KANAT, who is the leader manufacturer of Turkey’s anticorrosive protective coatings and general industrial paints, celebrated its 30. anniversary in Didim Venosa Beach & Resort Hotel together with its 180 workers and their families. KANAT General Manager Mr.Mehmet Kanat ,who has done the openning speech of premiere night said, “KANAT, who has entered the paint segment before 30 years ,is today one of the leader company and manufacturer of anticorrosive protective coatings. The point which we have reached end of 30 years is the clear evidence of to be a large family. We have faced with different difficulties and gained numerous achievements during this 30 years. We proved hand in hand to whole Turkey that we are a large family. Our target during the 40. anniversary will be ,to be inside the Turkey’s second 500 industrial establishment. As KANAT, we will reach to our targets with unfaltering steps and be more toughen” The singing society which was formed from the managers of KANAT  got a huge applause from the 450 invited guests together with the KANAT workers. Presentation of photos ,which were narratoring the 30 years memories, caused emotional moments. KANAT workers, who are completing their 5,10,15 and 20 years in the company, got plaques during the anniversary night.